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Challenging Minds, Encouraging Hearts, Building Leaders

Geneva Academy is a classical Christian school that seeks to educate children to think biblically, resulting in a Christian worldview and leading to God honoring and fruitful living. We desire to assist parents in the education of their children by providing an environment and culture that is biblically solid.


Classical education is the return to a structure and methodology of learning that includes academic disciplines and curriculum, which produced so many great Christian leaders of Western Civilization over the past one thousand years. Classical learning follows a traditional educational pattern called the “Trivium.” This pattern consists of three successive stages, to wit, grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.


Now, entering our fifth year, our parents and students describe Geneva Academy as 'awesome' and clearly see the benefits of receiving an education that is rooted in Christ and his word. The curriculum is based on Biblical truth, teaching the children that everything in life centers around God and His Word. Our students are free to learn joyfully in an atmosphere of holiness characterized by order, godly conduct, and mutual respect. We would love to share this with you.

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Worship, Grow & Serve With Us
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